Hardly Supermom Begins

Charlotte made it into our bed again last night. So I spent the night being kicked, pushed, and actually backhanded in the face. And continually calming her after what seemed like an endless bad dream.


Not actually from today, but it gives you the general idea.

Getting up was no better. She didn’t know what she wanted; nappy change, time on the potty, or even Callum’s turn for a nappy change seemed like all impossible choices to her. But don’t worry. It may have taken 15 minutes, but the kids both have clean bottoms now.

Breakfast, that normally happy time when everyone gets what they want. Oh no, not today. Charlotte enjoyed her cereal enough, but then spilled her milk. Know that saying, “don’t cry over spilled milk?” Change that to “spew.” She got so upset that she lost her breakfast. Yeah, that went over well. Now she’s dressed earlier than usual, gladly had her teeth brushed, and you’d never know all we’ve been through already by the way she’s playing.

Time for a cup of tea. I’ve earned it. Question is, how many more will I earn during the rest of the day?


About Devvy

Mom to a running, yelling, laughing toddler girl and a bouncing baby boy. I'm not anything even remotely close to the much-hyped "Supermom" and I don't expect that to change.

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