What I Needed (WIN) #1: Life-giving Words

I’m a big fan of YouVersion, especially the tons of Reading Plans they have available. I’ve done several now, and I’m currently reading through the Soul Detox plan. This study isn’t quite as directed as others I’ve done, but it’s still both a challenge and a blessing. Today’s reading–I’m on Day 13 out of 35–is about speaking “life-giving words” and focuses on Matthew 12:33-37.

Now, I’m by nature a very quiet person, mostly preferring to listen over actually talking. (Yes, I get the irony of then starting a blog, but my not talking aloud is probably more of a shyness thing.) But just because I don’t speak to people as often as probably most people do, it doesn’t mean that I get to escape from what the Bible says about speech. I still speak to others, and, at the very least, have an internal dialogue with myself (fancy way of saying I talk to myself). What I say, whether to others or just to myself, is a reflection of what’s in my heart. Furthermore we all know that the more we tell ourselves something the more we believe it, even if at the outset we know we’re lying to ourselves. An example of self-fulfilling prophecy? As a result, my heart and mind can be either down-trodden by continued negative speech, or they can be uplifted by life-giving speech. And that’s just how it affects me; what do my words do to everyone else around me?  Am I beating down their spirit or lifting them up? Is the “treasure of my heart” good or evil, and what am I showing to others? That’s what I needed to learn.

On this vein, I was thinking of some of my society sisters from college. Cristy, Kathy, Heather, Liza, Carolyn, Keren, and Melissa: I miss you, love you, and thank God for you.


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Mom to a running, yelling, laughing toddler girl and a bouncing baby boy. I'm not anything even remotely close to the much-hyped "Supermom" and I don't expect that to change.

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