South Carolina-Style Crockpot Pulled Pork (or, How winter in Sydney tastes like summer in Charleston)

South Carolina BBQ

Looks good, huh?

It’s the Fourth of July, Independence Day, and the easiest way to do celebrate it from the other side of the world is through the food. Every year except one since I moved to Australia, I have made a South Carolina-style pulled pork BBQ in my crock pot. Just about every US state that does BBQ has its own take (or more than one) on the meat and/or the sauce, and South Carolina BBQ sauce is based on the condiment of heaven, mustard. I don’t use a recipe to make the sauce, I just know how it’s supposed to taste, but this recipe from Food Republic looks a lot like what I do. I just used sweet paprika instead of the cayenne pepper, and didn’t add any butter. I made 2 cups’ worth of sauce.


So to start, I made my sauce in a saucepan turned on low, and then let that sit while I got the pork ready. I used a 2kg/4lb shoulder roast that already had been de-boned. You just need any sort of joint/roast with or without bone. I just got what the first grocery store had since I was in a rush. Cut off as much fat as you can or are willing to put in the effort for. You don’t want a greasy feeling in your mouth, but you don’t want to spend all day trimming the thing either. Then put the meat into the crockpot, pour over about a cup of the sauce, put on the lid and let cook on low about 7-8 hours. I normally turn it over a couple of times during the course of the day, to make sure all the meat gets to spend some time cooking directly in the sauce. When it’s done take the meat out and put on a plate. Any bones will just pull away from the meat, and you’ll also want to check for any chunks of fat that are remaining together and get rid of that. Then just pull the meat apart with a couple of forks. Dump the shredded pork back into the crockpot to mix it in with the cooking sauce and juices, and you can add another 1/3 to 1/2 cup of the remaining BBQ sauce. The rest of the sauce you can pour over the pork on your plate, or on a bun if you’re making a sandwich with it.

Then just sit back and taste the sunshine!


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  1. OOOOh yeah! Wish y’all were here to go to the fireworks with us tonight. I think Charlotte would love them!! Dad and I are playing in the Firecracker Blitz team golf tournament today with Johnny & Ellie Sims.

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