Baking With My Baby

20120720-212527.jpgFor a treat on my birthday, I decided that Charlotte and I would make some sugar cookies. We would both appreciate doing something different and it was sure to be an enjoyable mother-daughter activity, right?

First of all, my mom must be a saint. I certainly don’t remember seeing her grit her teeth or hear any anguished pleas for wisdom on how to get her child to understand simple instructions. She was even a professional cake decorating instructor; I must have been so frustrating to her in the kitchen! But perhaps Charlotte just won’t remember my gritting teeth.

We used the sugar cookie recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. Let me say, I have never had a dud from this book, and I’ve made at least half the recipes in it. (Their blueberry muffin recipe is the best I’ve ever come across.)

In the end, Charlotte was excited about her creations, I was relieved, and the kitchen not too much worse off. I’m sure to be finding sprinkles and colored sugar under my feet for a while no matter how many times I think I’ve got it with the vacuum, but that little girl’s smile will more than make up for it.



About Devvy

Mom to a running, yelling, laughing toddler girl and a bouncing baby boy. I'm not anything even remotely close to the much-hyped "Supermom" and I don't expect that to change.

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