Happy Birthday, Me


As much fun as it is having the surprise of opening a present, admit it: it’s pretty fun to pick your own. This year that’s what I got to do, so I chose T2’s Nine Green Tea pack and this gorgeous little Japanese-inspired tea cup.

I want to learn more about different kinds of tea, having mainly stuck to flavoured teas up to this point. So I figured the best way to start was with a sampler of several teas of the same general type, and decided to “go green”, if you will. This pack has nine tiny tins of tea, all snugly fitting into a larger tin embossed with the T2 logotype and then cleverly wrapped in a folded box. On the inside lid of the big tin are a full description, ingredient list, and steeping instructions for each of the teas. Opening the tin I got a massive attack of floral, mint and fruit scents as each tea did its best to reach me first.

Now let me be honest. I do think the price for this pack is steep, considering there is between 22g to 38g of each tea. (By my calculations, there’s just over $30 worth of tea included.) I accept that the packaging is especially nice for a gift, but if you’re just wanting to try a bunch of teas yourself, you don’t need all the extra cost of packaging. You’d much rather spend that money on more tea! Each little tin is filled to the brim with tea, but since it is only a small amount of tea in the first place, you can’t very well use the tins later for more tea unless you want to store the same tea in multiple tins. Not to mention the fact that it is rather difficult to scoop out tea from the tin without making a mess.20120725-160939.jpg

Also, for unexplainable reasons, the two free single-cup samples (that T2 customarily includes in packages) this time were for two teas that were already part of this sampler! I had planned on asking for a sample of either Buddha’s Tears or Sencha Sensation when I placed my order, but there was no place to leave a comment. So I trusted that I would be given a sample of something else to entice me to make another purchase. Oh well. That’s not so much a complaint, but it doesn’t really do any favours for a customer or the company.

All that being said, I do love T2. Their tea is great. My current tea stash includes eight different teas from T2, including three quite large tins, and that’s of course not including this new sampler! They do a good job of marketing and their newly launched Tea Society features brilliant special events. I just wish they added an option of purchasing samples of about 3-4 steeped cups’ worth and put them in little ziplock bags–like they used to give me when I visited in store. For ordering online, the samples wouldn’t need to be posted in the nice big black boxes; the padded or tough bags are fine. I’d buy a ton more samples then and naturally that would lead me (and many others, I imagine) to more and bigger purchases. Just a thought.

Right now I’ve just finished my first pot of Young Hyson. T2 says that it’s a “medium-bodied all-rounder” and that sounded like a good place to start. We’re both right. All in all, I’m sure going to enjoy this. You’ll know more of how it goes as I do.

BTW: The underside of the cup says it’s by Alison Appleton. A gorgeous design, and lovely to hold and use. I’ll be looking for more from her in the future. No website launched yet, but her Facebook page is here.

Update (Aug. 7, 2012): Alison Appleton got in touch with me via Twitter following this post! She was able to direct me to her so-newly-launched-that-it-wasn’t-there-two-days-earlier website, alisonappleton.com. There’s too much that’s too gorgeous!


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