The Family

We Four after Callum’s Dedication at church. Charlotte will not smile on command and Callum just doesn’t know any better.

I’m a thirty-something American-Australian living in Sydney with my husband, a crazy and hilarious toddler daughter, and a big baby boy who feels like he gets heavier every minute. I used to be a graphic designer in my past life, but that’s all changed, and I’m happy to be at home with my kids. Note that I did not say my “clean” or “spotless” home, or even “dust-free on Wednesdays.” No, I am nothing like that much-fabled Supermom that everyone talks about but no one really knows. In truth, I’m probably just like any average mom: you know, the way we never want to admit ourselves of being because we all feel a good deal worse than the average.

Now everyone knows that a mom’s life is always busy. But if I had the time (yes, past tense) I would either be reading, knitting, cooking, doing something musical, or sitting down to a cup of tea. That last one there I still find time for, even if I’m not actually able to sit down. But beyond any feeling that I need to do one of those things, I most feel my need to spend time with God. The hard truth is that I need all the help I can get, and He’s the best one to give it! If only I could remember that all the time.

It’s hard enough being a mom. Forget the Supermom dream. Here I proudly proclaim: I’m Hardly Supermom.


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