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What I Needed (WIN) #4:

This week’s Weekly Truth phone lockscreen

Remember the last WIN post I wrote? Well, I’ve come across another big blessing, and it’s big enough to warrant its own post rather than be tacked on to the WIN #3 post as a late addition. It’s the SheReadsTruth website, together with its very active Twitter hashtag, #SheReadsTruth (surprising, no?), and its reading plans on YouVersion.

So, you know there are a few pieces to this puzzle, but you don’t know what the picture is yet. “Well, tell me what it is already,” you say?

SheReadsTruth is about women reading, learning and sharing God’s Truth with each other. Funnily enough, it was through the Soul Detox reading plan on YouVersion that the community started, about the same time or just after I was working through that same plan, and my sharing a couple of the days online had also generated some comments back to me. That must be a special reading plan!

How does SheReadsTruth work? For starters, we’re all literally on the same page, with a Bible passage and devotional/thinking points that make up that day’s reading. So far, the first three reading plans have each been reading through a book of the Bible (Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians), and the fourth plan (Colossians) actually begins today as I’m writing this! You have a couple of options for how you want to follow along: through the YouVersion reading plan or by a daily email straight to your inbox. From there we become a community, discussing the day’s reading, asking questions, encouraging one another. Saturday is  “She Shares” day that is essentially a review day to reread all of that week’s Scripture and to post links to our blog posts, tweets, and even Instagram photos to share how God has worked on and changed us during the week. It’s also an opportunity to share prayer requests with each other. On Sunday a verse is chosen from out of the previous week’s reading and a designed image is included for you to set as your phone’s lockscreen to keep God’s Word before you as a loving reminder.

Does this sound like a community you’d like to be a part of? By all means, please join us. Every person involved is a blessing and encouragement to all the others; and the more we learn about God, His love, and His plans for us, the more His light can “brighten the corner” where we are. Enough lights in enough corners will brighten a whole room.