A Couple of Gifts to Myself

Look what I just got for myself! I saw this range in Myer called “Vivacious” by Maxwell & Williams. I decided I really wanted a new teacup, a normal-sized one this time (my regular cup has been a “breakfast cup”–about twice the size). And since the range had such nice colors, it seemed only fitting to get a couple different sized plates as well. So now I can have tea with a snack (the pink plate) or tea with lunch (the blue plate) and feel like I’m treating myself a little bit. I love that it’s a fresh, fun take on a more traditional design. I’ll be christening it with a sample of White Rose tea I got from T2.

And the goodies don’t stop there. I received my order for The Tea Drinker’s Handbook from Book Depository. I know others who own it have said that it’s a good-sized book, and I even saw the dimensions listed on its Amazon page. But this really is quite a large book! It’s in a very attractive tall format, and is so chockfull of information and gorgeous glossy pages that it’s really rather heavy. I’m looking forward to diving into it and not only learning more about how to enjoy the teas I currently brew, but also what are some new teas to try!


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Mom to a running, yelling, laughing toddler girl and a bouncing baby boy. I'm not anything even remotely close to the much-hyped "Supermom" and I don't expect that to change.

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  1. I don’t know if my comment earlier showed up on here, but this tea set has a very regal look to the design and the colors are gorgeous. Enjoy! I’m still waiting for my first Tea Time Magazine to arrive (it could probably take a month 😦

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